10 Applications for Concrete Vertical Overlay

Concrete Vertical Overlay!             

What are some of the Applications

Concrete Vertical Overlays can enhance the look of your home, office, or business and are used to create almost any look you can imagine from a Whole House Facade, Privacy Fence, Outdoor Kitchen, Fireplace, Bar, Pillars, Foundation walls, Retaining Walls, Showers or even Accent walls on your interior drywall. This is just to give you a few examples. In fact with proper preparation almost any surface can be made to accept an overlay.

Vertical Concrete Overlays are a cost-effective alternative to cumbersome materials such as rock and brick. With superior work ability, durability, as well as color and design flexibility, it makes it easy to cater to exactly what you have in mind for your space. Want to try wood with brick? What about stack stone and river rock? Amended Surfaces can make it for you! Best of all, a Vertical Concrete Overlay doesn’t have to be put over just concrete, it can go over drywall, wood, brick, stone, and various other surfaces.

Your options are endless.

Traditional stone veneer and manufactured stone have pre-set designs, colors, and shapes that make them difficult to fit perfectly around obstructions, corners, and curved edges. This often results in inconsistencies with the designs that look unnatural.

Conversely, Vertical Concrete Overlays are applied onsite and are moldable, pliable, and fit perfectly around any obstacle. The overlays range in thickness from ½ in. to 4 in., allowing us to be as realistic and artistic as you want. The overlays can be stamped or carved to resemble real stone, wood, brick, stack stone, river rock, slate, and so much more. They are colored and textured to look so realistic that side by side, it is difficult to differentiate the overlay from the real thing. When finished, Vertical Concrete Overlays, dry as hard as concrete and will last a lifetime.

At Amended Surfaces, we offer you so many ways to enhance your home, office or business. Don’t live with that old look you’ve been hoping to change; call us today to see how we can help!

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