seat wall has a foam foundation and a cement surface layer

Finish Your Outdoor Space With A concrete Stonewall

Are you looking for something to set off your patio? Do you need an addition to your outdoor space that just finishes it? Consider a stonewall bench from Amended Surfaces.

A stonewall bench is just what it sounds like.  A small wall that also acts like a bench seat.  They’re perfect for adding that special something to a boring patio or for creating a border to a flower bed.  When you add it to an empty, outdoor space it suddenly feels warm and cozy.

Our construction system creates the wall using a foam block foundation. Then we layer a cement-based product over the entire surface and carve it into a stone look.  We can create a surface that mimics river rock, flagstone, brick or stone block! We can even do wood bark, lava rock or a rustic wood board look, as well.

To learn more about our stonewall bench seats, call us at 513-400-5287.