stamped concrete involves a micro topping on existing surfaces

Give Old Surfaces a New Look With Stamped Concrete

When the existing cement surface is level and undamaged, it is like a blank canvas and ready for us to create a stunning, new surface using the stamped concrete process. It begins by applying a micro topping. That is just another name for a very thin, concrete overlay. Wile it is still wet, it is this thin cement layer that we use to create the new surface.

We begin to create the new design by stamping, rolling or carving the wet cement surface and creating a new look that mimics stone, rock, brick, wood or a multitude of other looks.  Once the design is in place and finished, we add the color or colors of your choice. Once the process is complete, you have a totally unique surface.

The stamped concrete process can be applied to driveways, walkways, walls, counters, patios, pool decks and even wood decks!

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