hardwood floor created using decorative concrete techniques

Hardwood Made From Concrete

Do you love the look of a hardwood floor? Who doesn’t! But the costs associated with purchase, installation and maintenance can be expensive and keep many of us away from owning hardwood.  On top of that, it is not very durable and can dent and scratch easily.

But using cement-based products, Amended Surfaces can create a flooring option that looks like real wood floor!

We use a thin layer of cement over an existing concrete surface and create unique patterns that mimic natural wood grain.  Then we hand carve edge lines into the surface to delineate each plank. Working with the customer, we add color and details to finish the surface to match their style needs.

Advantages of Wood Plank Look Floors

The result is a floor that looks like hardwood but is actually cement. Of course, the advantage of this process is that it is completely customizable. We can create whatever type of wood look you want.  Since the new floor is cement-based, it is also moisture and water resistant. You won’t have to worry about scratches, dents or stains, either.

Our wood plank look floors offer durability and customization at a price that is more affordable than hardwood. Call us at 513-400-5782 to learn more about this attractive alternative to wood flooring.